Text 21 Jul 55 notes Why should female circumcision not be comparable to male circumcision?

It’s a claim that I have come across often during the circumcision debate. Namely, that female circumcision is an atrocity, that cannot be tolerated at all. OK, I can agree to that. Yet once I say “It’s like male circumcision” some people say “it doesn’t compare at all how dare you”.

So can someone please explain to me why female genital mutilation should not be comparable to male circumcision? Why we cannot call it male genital mutilation?

As from where I am standing, there is no difference about the act itself. In both cases healthy tissue gets cut off without imminent medical need and without taking the child’s will into account. And even assuming that female circumcision is ten orders of magnitude worse than the male one, how come that male circumcision is seen as tolerable? As if it seems OK to cut off the little finger of boys while it is not OK to cut off an arm of girls.

For me, both a wrong, absolutely wrong.

Looking for reasons as to why those both acts should not be comparable.

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    They’re both horrible, but FGM is waaaaaay worse.
  2. trilliansthoughts answered: I don’t appreciate you re-posting my blog as a “Paragon Of Confusion”. For me, this is just musing on my own thoughts and upbringing. I have
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    Reblogged for the number of interesting material via the links. I still feel there is a difference between the two....
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    I agree that certain types of female circumcisions have worse repercussions than male circumcision. Yet I would not call...
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    yeah, in type one you may still be able to orgasm and have a perfectly okay sex life (remember the external clitoris is...
  6. derinthemadscientist answered: I didn’t say it was castration, I said it was more comparable in the level of pain and mutilation than it is to male circumcision.
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    Male circumcision impairs by a relatively minor and arguable degree sexual pleasure. It’s not ethical, but it’s not the...
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    We can compare female circumcision to various types of male castration. That comparison would make sense.
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    Perhaps the key thing to remember is that this discussion takes place within the context of all forms of female genital...
  12. oh-your-god answered: My understanding is that FGM causes permanent nerve damage while MGM doesn’t.
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  14. thexygal answered: It is an unnessicary and irreversible procedure preformed on a child without consent. Comparison ends there.
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    Actually, that list in incomplete, and doesn’t contain the subset within types. There are in fact 4 Types of FGM, and...
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  18. tapewarm answered: the penis still functions perfectly fine after circumcision while the clitoris is completely removed, not really comparable.
  19. disastrid answered: Hey, I found I couldn’t explain my thoughts in 140 characters, so I just reblogged with my response. I’d be interested in your thoughts.
  20. rainbowgenderpunk answered: fgm is often done to “keep girls pure”; female orgasms are viewed as shameful. still, infant circumcision should be fucking illegal.
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  22. sledgehammertoe answered: Penile circumsision has health benefits as well, most well-known being that circumsized men who are HIV+ are less likely to spread the virus.
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    Type I FGM — the mildest common form — consists of removal of the clitoral hood and the clitoris itself, making it...
  24. freedominwickedness answered: The short answer is, “Because even the mildest form of FGM is a far more extensive operation than male circumcision.”

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